Shandong Changfeng Tyres Co., Ltd. is one of the major tire manufacturers in China, The company was established in 2005,with the total assets of 2 billion and more than 3000 employees. The company owns 5 plants in Dongying city of Shandong province with an annual production capacity of 12 million for PCR products and 5 million for TBR products.


Established in August 2005


12 million for PCR products


5 million for TBR products



Tire maintenance tips and use car tire maintenance common sense

Every 10,000 kilometers to change the tire position, so that tire fatigue uniformity, to avoid bias grinding; extend tire life.

Jan 19,2024

What companies should focus on when choosing tires for domestic cars

In today's new energy vehicles are called, the role of automobile tires in energy saving and environmental protection has also been put on the agenda. Therefore, many tire companies through the design of new tire tread, change the tire structure, the use of special materials to achieve the role of reducing resistance, thereby reducing fuel consumption to achieve energy saving purposes.

Jan 04,2024

What rules are used to classify the types of tires

When it comes to the types of tires, there are actually many different ways to classify them: there are those classified by car type, those classified by use, those classified by size, those classified by tread, and those classified by construction.

Jan 05,2019


Changfeng tire new products listed, please look forward!