What companies should focus on when choosing tires for domestic cars

Jan 04,2024

In today's new energy vehicles are called, the role of automobile tires in energy saving and environmental protection has also been put on the agenda. Therefore, many tire companies through the design of new tire tread, change the tire structure, the use of special materials to achieve the role of reducing resistance, thereby reducing fuel consumption to achieve energy saving purposes.

Research has proved that for every 7% reduction in tire rolling resistance, automotive fuel consumption will be reduced by about 1%. In addition, the use of new materials, can reduce the friction heat discharge of CO2 gas; extend the service life of tires, reduce the frequency of replacement, can reduce the demand for tires. Therefore, some large international tire companies, such as Pirelli, Michelin, etc. will be energy-saving tires as the focus of future research and development.

At present, China's tire production accounts for about one-third of the world's total output, is a real tire production country. However, it is worrying that most of our products are in the low-end. In the competition, China's tire manufacturers only advantage is "cost-effective", which often means "low price" rather than "high performance", and the lack of energy-saving environmental protection Performance of the publicity, obviously behind the main "energy-saving" internationally renowned brands.

Tires seem to be a simple product structure, in fact, contains a large number of technical elements, ordinary consumers are difficult to distinguish between the advantages and disadvantages, but also can not do the correct use of tires. Therefore, some internationally renowned companies have begun to strengthen the education of consumers. Popularization of the content involved in the basic knowledge of tires, tire use, replacement of precautions, to teach consumers how to drive to save tires, fuel, worry. In today's fierce competition, brand reputation often brings high profits. Local parts and components enterprises, should learn from the international brands related experience, from which continuous progress.

In the pure electric vehicle industrialization is still unknown today, through simple means to reduce the pollution of traditional energy vehicles seems to be more realistic, but also more acceptable.