Chinese tire companies still have a gap in R&D investment

Jan 05,2019

Tires are the equivalent of a car's walking feet, the safety of the product has become the most important concern of consumers.

China's rapid development of the tire industry has also left a "swarm" of enterprises on the project brought about by the problem of irregularities.

A large number of low-tech level, low quality, not three packages and other problems of tires into the market, pulling down the domestic industry as a whole to be trusted.

Leaving aside the impact of the car's original tire, consumers in the replacement of tires, most of the time that Michelin, Bridgestone and other brands is a guarantee of quality, the establishment of the image of domestic brands often need to first pass the "quality of trust".

In the past nearly a hundred years, Michelin has been the tire technology innovators and leaders, from the introduction of steel carcass truck tires in 1938, the first invention of the radial tire in 1946, to green tires, solid car tires, 3D printing tires breakthroughs, Michelin almost all types of tires in the research and development of the leading.

The leading technology of Michelin and other companies stems from their strong scientific research capabilities, which are based on continuous capital investment.

It is reported that Michelin's annual capital investment in research and development in at least 650 million euros or more; Continental Group's total annual R & D investment of 23.65 billion yuan, accounting for the proportion of revenue reached a staggering 7.10.

From the data of China's listed tire companies, Linglong Tire with 510 million yuan of R & D expenses in the first place, followed by Triangle Tire and Windshen Tire, accounting for 3.66% of corporate revenue, 5.98% and 3.26% respectively.

Although the gap between the company's volume has led to the amount of R & D is far less than the international tire brands, but the proportion of the year-on-year growth shows that the national enterprises are also paying more and more attention to technology research and development, in order to catch up with the international brands to save up the strength.

In recent years, outstanding national enterprises have also continued to lead the technology trend, Linglong developed 3D printing polyurethane tires, Sailun Jinyu ultra-high-performance green tires, Sen Kirin developed graphene conductive tires, carbon nanotubes material tires, Shenyang three rubber first duchess rubber aviation tires and other products have reached the world's advanced level.

It is understood that Double Star, Linglong, Triangle, Chengshan, double money, Fengshen, Guilun, Wanli and Anhui Jiatong, the nine tire companies have the Development and Reform Commission identified as a national enterprise technology center.

Product hard power is the lifeline of the brand.

In vigorously advocate intelligent manufacturing, lean manufacturing today, low technology level of tire products will be more and more no market.

Efforts to improve product performance and consumer experience, change the status quo of the industry's low-priced competition, to get the user's trust is the real meaning of the occupation of the market, the quality of the enterprise brand to establish the "golden key", and the level of technology is the golden key to the "casting table". Quality is the "golden key" for enterprise brand establishment, and technical level is the "casting table" for this golden key.