What "hidden factors" of tires triggered the attention of the industry

Jan 05,2019

China's commercialization process and the impact of the integration of the world economy, making the vehicle and tire industry into the modern stage of development, the entry of foreign-funded brands, national brands in the high-end industrial chain of research and development makes the trend of competition more and more intense, at the same time the tire industry encountered problems have not been interrupted. New tires, green tires, bulletproof tires and so on endless, the tire industry a prosperous scene, the mature industrial construction also boost the industry's efficient development. But in recent years, China's car owners unanimously reflected in the high-end models equipped with tires, its wear resistance, wear time is shocking, some internationally renowned brands of tires can not be spared. In this industry, this has to trigger our deep thoughts, in the end what "invisible factors" did not attract our attention.


Speaking of tire factors, whether wear-resistant mainly by the quality of materials, structure, tread and other factors. One of the tire materials, anti-wear elements are mainly carbon black and silicon content, if the content is low, the degree of wear will be very fast. Secondly, the mechanical properties of the tire structure and tread design are also very important to effectively reduce the degree of relative friction. The practice of some brands of tires is completely contradictory to their advertised "durability". China, as the largest trading country for automobiles, expects the tire brands to demonstrate their international strengths and to give a clear account to the owners of our cars. And this kind of behavior that constantly destroys the added value of its brand will only damage the long-term interests of manufacturers, resulting in customer distrust and disapproval.